WhatIs The Best Dolphin Tour In Panama City Beach Florida?

Lagoon Pontoons has been providing the best in boat, Jet Ski rentals and dolphin tours since 2013.  They can cater to all your beach or vacation activities.  The Lagoon Pontoons is also the only boat tour company in Panama City Beach that is offering unguided Jet Ski rentals.  Lagoon Pontoons is located off the shores of Tranquil Grand Lagoon and is just 10 minutes from the beautiful and amazing Shell Island.

Pontoons Boat Rentals in Panama City Beach
Lagoon Pontoons offers various types of rentals and tours; pontoon boat rentals including double decker with slide rentals, Jet Ski rentals, fishing boat rentals and Shell Island snorkel &dolphin tours. You can choose between the 60hp and the powerful 90hp which can carry up to 12 passengers.  They are proud to mention that their boats are the cleanest and newest fleet of boats in Shell Island area.

Jet Ski Dolphin Tours in Panama City Beach

They offer the best in Jet Ski, unguided Jet Ski rentals.  Their customers tell them all the time that their jet ski dolphin tours are the most exhilarating, amazing and really are the most fun their fans have while being in Panama City Beach.

Fishing Boat Rentals in Panama City Beach

If you are looking to rent a fishing boat on your next outing or vacation and want to be your own captain, they have excellent rental boats just for you.  Renting your fishing boat is fast and easy with Lagoon Pontoon. They provide all the necessary fishing and safety gear and their boats are easy to steer, reliable, clean.

Snorkeling in Shell Island Panama City Beach

The Lagoon Pontoons snorkel and dolphin shell island cruise is a fun filled action packed event that is scheduled for approximately 3 hours in the sun.  Your day will be filed with wild sea dolphins’ encounters or even possibly getting the chance to swim in the beautiful and exciting Gulf of Mexico.Then they will sail over to St. Andrews Bay and anchor in about 5 feet of water where snorkeling for shells and learn about the local sea animal or just be able to relax and enjoy the sun.

Lagoon Pontoons is a boat rental company that is very close to Shell Island so that their customers can spend most of their time enjoying the marine wildlife and not wasting time in travel.  They look forward to booking your boat rental or dolphin tour or Jet Ski activity the next time you and your family are ready to have a fun filled exciting time in Panama City Beach.