Want to Travel Through the F1 Visa? This Is What You Need to Know

If you are all set and prepared to travel through the F1 Visa, then below mentioned are a few important things that you must know about.

Each day, there are so many students who are travelling on an F-1 visa to the US. But do you know what is this visa for, actually? The FI Visa is a visa which allows students to travel to the US and study. But it is not permitted to those who stay in Mexico, Canada or the adjacent island. For them, there are different rules which are applicable.

However, if you are someone who already holds the F1 Visa, and if you are planning to travel back to your home or even abroad, and if you wish to get readmitted to US, then there are a few important documents which you would need to present before the Immigration Officer. These documents should be shown to the officer at the port of entry. They have been mentioned below:

  • A valid passport

Your passport should have a validity of at least six months, when you are about to enter the US.

  • A valid F1 Visa

You have to ensure that a valid F1 Visa has been stamped on your passport. In case you need to apply for a fresh visa, you have to ensure that you produce enough financial support, along with the i20 form. These have to be shown to the US Embassy or Consulate. You also need to have a recent photograph which is mandatory, when you apply for a US visa.

  • I-20 that is a valid one

You need to have a valid one which the ISO advisor has signed within the last twelve months, on the page two of the form.

  • Documents regarding ones Financial Support

Make sure that you produce enough proof such as your bank statements, letters from departments and award letters, bank statement of the sponsors and so forth.

  • MIT enrollment document

Again, the student will need to present the letter of admission, MIT ID card, the unofficial transcript, and such related documents.

  • Form I-901

The student will also require to produce the receipt of the SEVIS Fee.