Types of Yachts Available for Charter in Tortola

Are you vacationing on Tortola Island?

Did you know that Tortola is the yachting hub of the British Virgin Islands?

Being a big island, Tortola offers a lot for the tourists and one of them being the yacht charters. The Tortola yacht charter offers you various tours and expeditions for the guests, and it lets you experience the idyllic British Virgin Islands.  

Tortola is even termed as the sailing paradise, thus making the many visitors opt for Tortola boat charters for exploring the island. Tortola being the biggest islands of BVI needs a charter yacht to let you explore and imbibe the scintillating views of the island. The yacht chartering is basically a practice of renting yachts which is quite famous, and thus, it is up to you which Tortola yacht charter one wants to use for his exploration.

Below are the different types of Yachts which one can get from the Tortola boat rental for their own expedition there:

Barefoot Charter:

This is basically an arrangement for the chartering or renting the boat, where no provision or crew is included in the agreement, and the people who rent the vessel from the owners are the ones responsible for sailing the boat or ship. They are the Tortola charter yacht that is chartered without a skipper or a crew, like the sailing yachts or the catamaran.


They are smaller than the sailing ships and are propelled partly or entirely by the sails. Such revolutionary transportation is preferred by many while renting a boat from the Tortola boat rental.


Such a vessel has one or more hull, if you haven’t seen a ship or boat then you would be in wonder if you rent this from the Tortola boat charters. They are definitely beautiful form the visual perspective and equally impressive in design. They are amongst the most popular Tortola yacht charters.

Luxury motor yacht: they are the modern version of sailing yachts which is popular among many tourists. They are the most common yachts that are majorly used for parties and casual getaways. Luxury motor yacht is just the right type of ships to host the fairly sizeable group parties or events.

These are some of the yachts which are offered at Tortola boat rentals. So if you are in Tortola be sure to hire one of this premium quality yacht for an unforgettable experience.