Top Mountain Climbing Destinations In The US

The US has long been known as a top country for mountain climbing adventurers. In every season, climbing enthusiasts set out on the road in their RV rentals in search of climbing hotspots, often fitting in multiple regions over the course of a single journey. There are many individual mountain ranges in nearly all regions of the country, plus a plethora of areas boasting multiple climbing opportunities. You should definitely do your own research, but here are some peaks and regions that you just can’t go wrong with for a climbing trip.

Longs Peak

Standing at almost 15,000 feet, Longs Peak is one of the highest mountains in Colorado. This is also one of the top visited peaks in the state. This is definitely not a hike for beginners, covering 15 miles and reaching up to 5,000 feet in elevation. But the benefits are many, including sweeping views, majestic boulder fields that stretch on as far as the eye can see, and the infamous Keyhole section which is like no sight you’ve ever seen before, guaranteed. One you hit the rocks, it won’t take you long to figure out why so many thousands of avid climberss hit up Long’s Peak each year in an attempt to reach the elusive summit.

Mount Bierstadt

If you wanted a climb that is a more forgiving than your average high peak but no less majestic, then Bierstadt in Colorado will be for you. Standing at 14,000 feet this summit is certainly no slouch, but the journey to the top is easier to handle due to the lack of steep inclines and obtrusive rocks. This is a six mile climb that even inexperienced climbers will be able to tackle without too much difficulty. As a matter of fact, this peak is often used as a training ground for individuals who are looking to get a bit of training in before hitting the higher and more difficult climbs in the region. This isn’t to say that the scenery here isn’t fully stunning, with rolling green hills and postcard-perfect valets and peaks along the way. Make sure to bring your best camera for this one, since this is very easily some of the most terrific rural landscapes in the entire state.

The Adirondacks

Located in upstate New York, this vast and sprawling park truly features the best of all worlds. You have the famous Adirondack mountain range plus thousands of miles of beautiful forest, meadows, lakes, and trails. You have dozens of climbing options, many of them boasting some of the best wild scenery on offer anywhere in the country. When it comes to options, natural beauty, and a variety of scenery, the Adirondacks are not to be ignored for mountainous RV rentals journeys.

Glacier National Park

There are parts of Glacier where you will feel as if you are walking on the moon. Formed by volcanic eruptions centuries ago, this pacific northwest jewel features some of the most rugged, original terrain to be found in America. From sparkling, crystal clear mountain lakes to miles of dense alpine forest to some of the most majestic snowcapped peaks in the world, Glacier has it all on offer. The climbing here is superb and there are many different routes to consider. When it comes to sheer natural beauty, very few places in America can hold a candle to Glacier. You will just have to see for yourself, so book a trip as soon as you can. You truly won’t regret it.

Arches National Park

No western climbing trip would be complete without a stop in this Nevada standard. The rock formations that give this park its name are like nothing else you will ever experience. There are no other places like this on earth, so a climb in the Arches region is an absolute must. With its wide open skies, otherworldly terrain, and famous rock arches this region is easily one of the country’s strangest destinations and is recommended for any climbing enthusiasts.

The Rockies

This legendary and historic stretch of mountains is known as the gateway to the west, and what a gateway it is. Featuring unbelievable snowcapped peaks, vistas of alpine terrain, and dense pine forests stretching across the horizon, the Rockies are truly a climber’s dream. Many individuals venture here from across the world to climb, hike, and camp within one of nature’s very best outdoor settings. Any serious climber should definitely have at least one night in the Rockies under their belt.

Find out why so many thousands of campers enjoy setting out in their RV rentals toward the great American peaks each year. When you schedule a US mountain journey, you are guaranteed amazing peaks, unique ranges, and a multitude of different types of climbs no matter which region you choose to travel in.