Things to be checked before renting a Car

Popularity of Rental Cars

Car SiteĀ services like are the best way to reach places which are quite difficult to access by public transport. They are convenient in many ways as the person to rent a car can travel at his own time in his own route with his own person. Also they are the best way to travel comfortably at reasonable price, when travelling in a group. However, problem occurs in places where traffic conditions are bad. In such places a driver with the car can be helpful as they know the routes and can take the passengers to the destination in as less time as possible.

Points to be Noted

In certain countries the license plates issued are different for car rental. In fact they allow the agencies to attach logo representing their companies. Tourists can therefore come across criminals who generally target them. Therefore, it is important that the passenger always cross check an agency before availing their service. The following things should be considered:

  • Driving rules and conventions of the country.
  • The control of the car which differs from car to car.
  • Fuel recommended for the car and the mode of its marketing at the required destination.
  • Check what is to be done in case of accidents or breakdown.
  • Check if there are any issues regarding the chosen car.
  • Check for scratches or dents on the car and if they are noted by agency, so that, no further charges are added for that reason claiming it was done by the driver.
  • Last but not the least the direction of the desired destination through GPS navigation.

The rate of the Car Leasing on the time period for which it is taken. Generally for more number of days the charge is less and vice versa.