Things That Might Not Be Covered By Your Travel Insurance

It is our duty as a customer to check what we buy and figure out what components are included in the package. Some people are aware enough to do that while others aren’t. But, most people forget to do the same when they purchase insurance and find themselves in a bit of a pickle when it comes to coverage. That is why it is highly advisable to know all that your insurance encompasses and covers so you don’t find yourself in an inconvenient situation.

Travel insurance is the insurance that protects you and compensates you in case you lose your personal belongings while travelling. It also covers your medical expenses when you are abroad and other such emergency expenses that one might not see coming. That is why it is absolutely essential that you get your travel insurance before you decide to quench your wanderlust. That way, you can always be insured and protected in case some unfortunate accident or problem comes in your way.

It is extremely important to know what aspects your travel insurance is covering. It is more important to know what your travel insurance is not covering. That way, you will be able to tackle situations accordingly. Also, you will be able to compensate yourself accordingly and not have to face an uncomfortable and unfortunate situation or loss. A lot of people assume that travel insurance would be covering everything and in each circumstance. However, that is not the case.

Travel insurance is not an all-inclusive insurance package for all scenarios and situations. For example, if you are suffering from an illness before you booked your ticket then you might not be compensated if you cancel your ticket. But, if it bothers you after you have booked your ticket or at the wake of a medical emergency, then you will be compensated accordingly. Hence, it is wise to check the documents and clear all doubts before you purchase your travel insurance.

Aspects that your travel insurance will not cover

There are certain aspects that your travel insurance will not cover. Some of you might already know about some of the things in this list but most people don’t.

  1. Pre-existing illnesses: If you have been suffering from a disease or have been ill before you bought your travel insurance package, then the insurer will not process your claim. There is a certain look-back period that is (generally of 60-180 days) considered before you purchase the package. So, if you were diagnosed with a condition that has been ailing you since before the look-back period, then you will not be covered for that. But, sudden medical emergencies after the look-back period will definitely be covered by your insurance provider.
  2. Dental treatments: This is one particular area where most people get confused. Travel insurance will never cover regular dental check-ups for you. It does not offer dental services on the regular. It only covers accidental dental injuries and pains while you are travelling to someplace. Also, travel insurance only provides dental treatments to people who have real teeth. Prosthetics are not covered by this policy.
  3. Childbirth and pregnancy: This is yet another category that is not covered by your travel insurance. If you are having health issues related to pregnancy or the matter is concerning childbirth, then you will not be covered by the travel insurance policy. Miscarriages, abortions and other such situations are not covered by these policies. One must check their health condition before travelling elsewhere.
  4. Adventure sports: A lot of people think that injuries and accidents from adventure sports and such activities are covered by travel insurance. That might not be the case. People indulge in adventure sports and activities at their own risk and that is not something that the travel insurance policy is liable to cover.
  5. Flight cancellation due to bad weather: A lot of people have the idea that having a travel insurance means that they would be compensated for cancelling their ticket due to bad weather conditions. Well, not all policies cover loss caused due to bad weather. Travel insurance companies might not compensate you if you choose to cancel your travel plans due to bad weather unless the entire flight that you had chosen gets cancelled.
  6. Travelling for medical treatment: Travel insurance plans do not cover any expenses in case you are travelling to seek medical help and attention in a different place. However, they do provide coverage for people who are seeking medical treatment that is not available in India but only abroad.

These are some of the cases or scenarios that are not covered by your travel insurance. There are many other criteria that are not covered. It is essential that one is informed about all of this so that an unwanted situation does not arise in the time of need. However, there are separate plans that might cover them but unless you purchase them, your basic travel insurance will not cover them.