The various methods you can use to get around Pattaya

Getting around Pattaya is simple and easy. Both day and night taxis, songthaews and motorbike taxis are anything but difficult to get.

Private vehicle with driver

Of course this is the best way to get around Pattaya. The most convenient and relaxed and enjoyable way – hands down. Thai Happy Taxi always provide the best service on this regard. Lease a vehicle or van with driver for a half day or an entire day and visit the same number of attractions as you like without searching for a taxi or open transportation.


Not at all like Bangkok there are not very many metered taxis in Pattaya. The greater part of them will have brought voyagers over from Bangkok airplane terminal or city. While sitting tight for a toll back to Bangkok they will frequently take admissions in Pattaya.

For Bangkok airport transfer you don’t have to think twice before using Thai Happy Taxi.

There is a lot of supply of non metered taxis. Discover one looking out for the side of the street or have your lodging book one for you. Concede to cost and term of the outing before getting in.

On the other hand contract a songthaew.


On account of their unwavering quality, high recurrence and low value songthaews are broadly utilized by Thai individuals and outside voyagers alike.

A songthaew is a changed over get truck with two seats in the back. The exacting interpretation of songthaew is “two columns”.

Otherwise called Baht transport the songthaews in Pattaya pursue a set course. There are no transport stops, wave to one and get in the back. Press the signal to get off and pay the driver. At 10 Baht for every individual inside the focal point of Pattaya charges are low.

Songthaew courses

The most regular songthaew courses in Pattaya are the roundabout shoreline street course, the course to Sukhumvitstreet, the course to Naklua, the course to Jomtien and the Sukhumvit street course.

Roundabout course Beach street – Pattaya second street

Most traveler goals in Pattaya are on or exceptionally close to the roundabout course in the focal point of Pattaya. The songthaews on this course are blue.

The course begins at the Dolphin indirect on North Pattayastreet. From that point it turns South after Beach street to Walking Street. There it takes a left hand turn on South Pattayastreet. After around 200 meters it turns left again to Pattaya second street (PattayaSai Song street) and pursues this North back to the Dolphin circuitous.

Course to Naklua

To get to Naklua wave to a songthaew at the North end of the Dolphin circuitous or on Pattaya – Naklua street. From the circuitous the songthaew voyages North on Pattaya – Naklua street to Naklua shoreline. Passage is 10 Baht for every individual.

Course Sukhumvitstreet

Sukhumvitstreet is the interstate that converges Pattaya North to South. It runs a couple of kilometers East of the shoreline. Wave to a songthaew anyplace on Sukhumvitstreet to go South to Sattahip or North to Si Racha. The songthaews on this course are white, passage is 20 Baht.

Administration on the round course is extremely visit. Holding up time is generally close to 1 or 2 minutes. Charge is 10 Baht for each individual paying little mind to separate.

Hire a songthaew

As an option in contrast to a taxi you can sanction a songthaew. Search for a vacant one looking out for the side of the street or at a shopping center. Concede to value, places where to go and length of the excursion before getting in.

For spots outside of the focal point of Pattaya town it tends to be hard to discover a ride back so it is prudent to book a round outing. The driver will hold up at the spots you visit.