Skiing Tips to make your first skiing holiday a breeze

Gliding don the fountain through whisky powered and the sun dazzling off the surrounding ears is a joy and a half. It’s topped off with a clear blue sky with the sun poking out from one of the crested mountaintops. Skiing at Val Thorens and other resorts around the world is an extremely exciting and enjoyable way to spend your winter holiday.

Here are a few tips for skiers of all levels to help you in enjoying the winter season as much as me.

The Basics


This is the force which will take you from the mountaintop to the bottom of the slope in the most direct route possible. However, this often isn’t the path you want to be following, so be sure you can stop and steer to where you want to be heading.


The reason why skiing is possible is because snow is slippery. Trying to balance whilst sliding down a mountain is not easy. You need a stance that is comfortable and also a stable support on the move.

Dress Code

  • Stay Warm, stay warm, stay warm! It is best to look at the weather forecast beforehand and each morning before you get kitted up – to make sure you keep warm and can see.
  • Sunglasses for the sun, but goggles for shady or cloudy days.
  • Thermal layers needed next to your skin.
  • Use layers of clothes instead of big jumpers.
  • Only wear 1 pair of socks- it will make your feet colder If you wear more!
  • You outside layer (especially the Bottom half) needs to be waterproof. Snow is frozen water remember.
  • Make sure that you have plenty of pockets. You can take off layers when you get too hot and carry extra ones in the case of the temperature dropping.

Try to find a pair of boots that are comfortable and snug.
You should be able to wiggle your toes but your heel shouldn’t come up in your boot after fastening.

You want to rent skis and boots, but for everything else borrow from friends and family – ask around to see if anyone has any gear they don’t need!

Protect Your Skin

From both fire and ice!
The sun can burn you but so too can the cold freeze you, so you need to wearing sun cream which will stop the sun burning you and also from cold burn.

This should be enough to get you going – happy skiing!