Sailing in the Caribbean – Tips for a relaxed sailing trip

Sailboats were still one of the most important means of transport to trade and transport goods and people across the water until the 19th century. Sailing is more of a pastime nowadays. No wonder then that it is often sailed in clear weather and in crystal clear waters. Who does not think of the Caribbean? For the sailing trip in the Caribbean to provide fun and relaxation and you will not get into troubled waters, there are now the best tips for the relaxed sailing trip in the Caribbean.

No trip without a boat

If you are planning a sailing trip in the Caribbean, you do not have to own a boat. Sailboats and yachts can be hired on site or by vendors in advance for a few days or weeks (more info on yacht charter in the Caribbean Is there here). Many departure ports and boat options are offered. The period from mid-November to the end of April is the peak season in the Caribbean. Sailing outside this time is not recommended in the Caribbean, as hurricane season prevails during this period. For an unforgettable vacation with boat there are the options you would adore.

Put together the right crew

So if a sailboat is available, the question of the sailing crew must be clarified. The choice of Captain and Second Mate was crucial before. If you have no sailing license or cannot sail yourself, you have to hire the sailing crew for a fee. If you prefer it sporty and also has the permission, should sail yourself. So an active sailing trip is comparable to a hiking holiday. Whether as a skipper, crew member or guest: you should get along well with the sailors. This is how you live with your fellow travelers in a confined space during a sailing trip.

Sailing area Caribbean: Plan the route

Through constant trade winds, pleasant temperatures and beautiful sandy beaches, the Caribbean sailing area offers many opportunities for sailing. Talk to your crew beforehand. Would you rather exercise and action or rather relaxed day trips with beach visit?

Plan your route beforehand

On which days do you start at which location? Which sights would we really like to see during my vacation? The dive in the crystal clear, turquoise waters can always be combined well with a sailing trip. On the different difficulty levels of the routes should be taken. Thus, the skill of the crew should also meet the difficulty of the planned route.

Who does not plan an individual sailing trip; there are also organized sailing tours. There are fixed routes with planned stopovers in port cities. Such a trip does not have much to do with a sailing trip, as the holidaymaker is no longer involved in the sailing maneuvers. A good alternative for the inexperienced skipper is therefore flotilla sailing. A flotilla is a group of boats that sail together on a sailing route. So an experienced sailor is always within reach.

Packing list for the Caribbean cruise

There is not much luggage space on the boat. Therefore, it is important to have only the bare essentials. Sufficient equipment is nevertheless important, since the nearest shop can be found again on the shore.With these tips and the packing list nothing stands in the way of the sailing trip in the Caribbean.