Paris Walking Tours: The Sure Way to be Part of Paris’s Great Attractions

Paris has made a name in the entire globe because of its awesome attractions. Now, Paris walking tours are edging the experience a notch higher. Instead of simply experiencing the thrill, “why not be part of it?” Here are the experiences to anticipate in Paris walking tours.

Get the Best of Chinese Culture in the Chinese Belleville

If you want to spice your stay in Paris, why not consider going to “China” for a few hours. In the Chinese Belleville, you will get the best of the Chinese culture. This is your chance to learn about Chinese customs and practices. The guide will tell you all about the history and culture about Chinese.

Go ahead and taste amazing foods and even purchase some Chinese items to take home. Do not just see the lobes worn by Kungfu fighters in movies; get one at the Chinese Belleville. Prepare to take lots of photos because this will be a tour like no other.

An Amazing Ride in a 2CV Citroen

Every time that you board a car, it is easy to enjoy the impressive air designs. But you will be amazed to look back at where the evolution of modern vehicles started. The Paris guided tours will take you to the mythical 2CV Citroen model, that only used once cylinder. You could even get a ride to see more in eastern Paris. This will be an awesome experience you will never forget.

Other enthralling attractions that will make you commit to coming back to Paris include the Parc des Buttes Chaumont that is considered the authentic identity of Belleville, and enthralling views of the Sacré-Cœur.

Time to Explore the Eiffel Tower Movies

When you watch some of the best movies shot in the Eiffel Tower, such as the Mission Impossible and Inception, the main question is, “how did they do it?” Now the Paris guided tours will help you learn more about great film locations. Here, you have the opportunity to also learn about the beginning of cinema invented by Lumiere Brothers and its link to global exhibitions and Eiffel Tower. Other great movies shot in the tower that you will learn about include Peur sur la ville by Jean Belmondo and The Last Metro by François Truffaut.

Whether you are on a short getaway or long holiday, reach us today to book your place for an enthralling tour that you will remember many years to come.