Aeolian Islands Sailing Charter Embarking in Portorosa, Sicily

We offer exclusive fleets of Portorosa yacht charters in many cruising groups – catamarans, sailboats and motorboats. Explore this calmer area of the Meds with this particular exceptional services aboard. You possibly can make the trip a memorable one by cruising within the azure blue ocean for the Aeolian Islands, lounging some miles north to Portorosa!

Crewed and Bareboat Catamaran in Portorosa

Our fleets of Catamarans are singularly furnished while using best upholstery and interior decors. They host spacious decks that could accommodate large groups of individuals for dinners and parties. You can choose to sail without or having a complete crew onboard. A bareboat gives you the liberty of sailing in any direction you would like for. However, we counsel you to certainly hire our crewed catamarans to shift sailing worries within reach of experts. Happen to be on vacation and relaxing needs to be your ulterior motive! So rent a totally crewed luxury yacht and relish your tour, since the skipper takes proper proper care of the steering as well as the chef serves you exquisite Istrian cuisine!

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The wide base and double hulls in catamarans ensures they are ready for just about any tough ride, among the rockiest of terrains. Therefore, if you are planning to visit the Aeolian archipelago, catamarans will probably be you ideal travel vessel!

Crewed Motor Yacht in Portorosa

Our motor yachts include the opportunity to sail inside a speed more than 40 knots! That’s pretty fast, isn’t it? It is also perfectly synchronized while using pace from the industrial port capital of scotland- Portorosa. The 1800s architecture based on the conventional ship building industry using one of the biggest salt producing estates indeed paints the shoreline in the modern glamour. Tour along its peninsular shoreline around the luxurious crewed motorboats, while witnessing the great factor relating to this calm blue ocean. Our private yacht rentals in Portorosa offer both day tours and extended times of vacation!

Crewed Motor Yacht in Portorosa

Selecting Portorosa yacht rentals gives you the freedom to possess your tropical visit your individual freedom. No hurry and want for checking exterior and interior hotels or transferring luggage. It is possible to anchor your vessel with the coast and talk a stroll using the city!

Skippered and Bareboat Sailboat in Portorosa

Cruising on sailboat gives you the style of standing on a voyage, trying to contain the wind and steer the sail in alignment while using waves’ rhythm. We offer both skippered and bareboat sailboats. Skippered motorboats have only the captain aboard the right choice for individuals those who love solitude when sailing. However we advice you hire our bareboats to obtain a redefined type of solitude and freedom. Assume control of the vessel and explore the less visited spots, in the cosmopolitan existence! However, for hiring our bareboat sailboats, you might want to give a sailing license.

Skippered and Bareboat Sailboat in Portorosa

Our Portorosa yacht charter services offers to make your Mediterranean voyage a memorable one. Along with extravagant services and amenities aboard, we are your ideal vacation guide!

Top Portorosa Yacht Charter Destinations:

Milazzo Lounging 15 maritime miles for the west of Portorosa, you’ll be able to hire our luxury vessel rentals to offer the Milazzo coast within two hrs. The isthmus of Milazzo jutting out to the Tyrrhenian Sea is dotted with underwater rocky caves that are worth a serious amounts of spare. Beaches of Riviera di Ponente are an indulgence you just cannot miss! Temperature of water stays between 30 to 35 levels Celsius in summer time time, that makes it an ideal spot for any frolic in the water. In addition, vacationers also anchor their vessels with the coast to produce an trip in the famous Sant ‘Antonio di Padua or perhaps the splendid Norman Castle. During the night, lie lower round the sprawling deck and count the numerous twinkling stars around the apparent tropical sky!

Top Portorosa Yacht Week Destinations:

Vulcano The standard Romans considered Vulcano since the chimney of fireside God’s workshop which is now offering become most likely probably the most desirable holiday destinations, 20 maritime miles in the coast of Portorosa. The simplest way to accomplish this southernmost island in the Aeolian conglomerate is simply by hiring our private yacht rentals in Portorosa! We are ferrying there virtually every alternate day and our crew is adept with every single detail round the island of Vulcano. The shoreline from the volcanic island is rocky and steep-sloped therefore our catamarans can be very helpful. A try swimming within the hot spring, Laghetto dei Fanghi or possibly a short walk for the great crater, Cape Grillo, is needed when visiting Vulcano!