7 Reasons to Travel to Iran Now

It’s baffling how most people think Iran is an underdeveloped country that is still reeling from the war that happened close to 30 years ago. But this country is out to surprise both avid and casual travelers. It is rich in beauty, and the people there? They are beautiful, curious, and most importantly, they are impressively hospitable.

So, if you are setting aside time in the future to see a different side of the world, Iran is a highly recommended destination. Here are seven reasons to convince you even more to travel to Iran as soon as you can.

1. Tehran is an architectural wonder

The capital is home to stunning structures that will simply blow your mind away. There are commercial skyscrapers that look like they are straight out of a futuristic movie, and there are the more traditional buildings that match their eastern architectural roots to perfection.

Take the Golestan Palace, for example. What a visual delight! It is colorful and there are so many geometric patterns in the design that really give the structure lovely dimensions.

And do not forget the famous Azadi Monument, which is one of the most beautiful triangular structures in the world.

2. Iran is safe for tourists

This bit always comes as a big surprise for many but the country is much safer for tourists compared to many of the world’s most popular travel destinations. There are far fewer petty crimes committed here.

However, don’t abandon your street smarts. Be careful of some taxi drivers and tour guides — they will still try to squeeze some extra cash out of you.

3. Traditional fare is amazing

Persian restaurants offer a colorful spread that is healthy and quite tasty. Iranian cuisine makes use of superfoods such as pomegranates, turmeric, and other herbs and spices.

Plus, if you want fish that is cooked perfectly, Iranian chefs are particularly known for their healthful and delectable fish cuisine.

But don’t think that superb local dishes are only available in big popular restaurants all over the country. Small cafés and street stalls deliver authentic but affordable Iranian fare that will surely delight your palate.

4. Traveling around the country is extremely affordable

There is an abundance of lovely destinations that are absolutely free for tourists. Deh Vanak, a romantic garden in one of the oldest communities in Tehran, is a popular spot for tourists. The Azadi Tower, too, is free for visitors to explore. Nature Bridge, as well, is worth checking out.

If you don’t mind doling out 150,000 IRR (Iranian riyal), which is about 3 USD, pay a visit to the Pink Mosque. You’ll be able to take magnificently colorful pictures here and simply enjoy the vibrant hues of light streaming through the stained glass windows.

Almost all attractions in Iran cost an entrance fee of 0 USD to 8 USD. Eating at a decent restaurant will cost you about 10-25 USD, while the most sophisticated restaurants would rarely charge you more than 30-50 USD per person. Compared to the quality of services you receive, Iran is unbelievably inexpensive for tourists with international currency.

5. Luxurious accommodations are plentiful

You can trust that there are world-class accommodations to fit all budget sizes. If you book your hotel online, you can take advantage of amazing Iran hotel offers or deals. In addition to bringing down the cost of your stay, these deals will provide you with a few perks to make your visit to the country even more enjoyable.

6. Gain an authentic “old world” experience

Iran is deeply rooted in its traditions, and it has managed to preserve many of its historical sites.

Visit Persepolis, an ancient archaeological site. This place was founded by King Darius the Great around 518 BC. If you are an anthropologist or you love getting in touch with the old version of the world, Persepolis needs to be on your bucket list.

Even in its current state, it can easily take you to that glorious period when kings ruled in great extravagance even though life was much simpler for everybody.

7. Iran is a goldmine for beautiful and useful souvenirs

The souvenirs you can take home from a trip to Iran are nothing like the cheap and generic souvenirs offered in other top tourist destinations.

Very few are the shirts with “I Love Iran” on them. But aplenty are artistically designed ceramics, elegant perfume bottles, high-quality fabrics, and various knick-knacks that are useful but often too pretty to actually use. And then there are the fabulous Persian rugs known the world over.  You can get the real thing, right here.

Spending on souvenirs here won’t make you feel like you have thrown away your money because most of them are absolute keepers..

Iran will not disappoint. So, plan your trip here carefully – perhaps, set aside even more money to see everything that this beautiful country has to offer (start taking advantage of the holiday loan offered by your bank).

You will not regret coming to this side of the world. Take it from the countless people who have come not knowing what to expect, and left forever mesmerized by the wonders of Iran.