7 Must-Try Cuisines in Marsa Al Seef, Dubai

With its various places of interest, Marsa Al Seef is now one of the most popular destinations among tourists and locals in Dubai.

When you visit the area, you will get a glimpse of Dubai’s fascinating history and culture. You will also experience the best in modern comfort and convenience in this retail, dining, hospitality, and entertainment hub.

Some of the must-visit places in and around this area are the Dubai Creek, the Dubai Museum, the Spice Souk, and Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. And since Marsa Al Seef is a complete destination, it is home to a number of the best restaurants in Dubai.

But which exciting and delectable cuisines can you indulge in when you are in Marsa Al Seef? Here are the top seven:

1.    Arabic

Since Marsa Al Seef is one of the few unique destinations in Dubai where you can experience the old and new, you can indulge in the finest authentic and contemporary Arabic and Emirati food here.

When you dine at an Arabic restaurant or one that offers a multi-cuisine menu, you can sample some of the best offerings of the Arabian and Emirati culinary world. These include:

  • Balaleet
  • Chebab pancake
  • Khameer
  • Dajal mashwi
  • Kibbeh bel laban
  • Kebabs
  • Camel steak

2.    Egyptian

If you want to sample more traditional Arabic dishes, you won’t go wrong with having lunch or dinner at a restaurant serving Egyptian food. By indulging in this cuisine, you will treat your taste buds to a variety of exciting flavors.

Some of the Egyptian dishes you have to try are:

  • Baba ganouj
  • Labneh
  • Mutable
  • Toushka
  • Kebda dejaj
  • Kibbeh maglia
  • Reyash
  • Dejaj masri
  • Umm ali

3.    Mediterranean

Expand your palate a bit more while you’re in Al Seef by eating some Mediterranean dishes. Marsa Al Seef also has several restaurants specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. By dining in such establishments, you will be transported to your favorite or dream sunny, romantic country in the Mediterranean.

Some of the must-try Mediterranean dishes here are:

  • Seafood tagine
  • Samak makhli
  • Laham moussaka
  • Couscous mergez
  • Koshari
  • Mediterranean beef stew

4.    Indian

Go on a culinary adventure of India’s diverse cuisine by visiting one of Marsa Al Seef’s well-known Indian restaurants. Whether you want something vegetarian or some meat-based dishes, you will surely satisfy your cravings.

Here are some great dishes at a restaurant offering northwest Indian and Mughlai delicacies you should try:

  • Dahi bhalla
  • Bahar-e-bagiya
  • Zafrani Badami murgh shorba
  • Chatpati rawa
  • Lemongrass chicken tikka
  • Tandoori
  • Biryani
  • Assorted Indian breads

5.    Chinese

If you’re hankering for some Szechuan and Cantonese dishes, you won’t be disappointed by the offerings in Al Seef.

The chefs of the best oriental restaurants here cook their dishes in classical Chinese style. They also use only the freshest ingredients so it’s guaranteed you will enjoy excellent dishes from the start to the end of your meal.

Some of the must-try dishes in the Chinese restaurants in the Al Seef area are:

  • Steamed and crispy dim sum
  • Szechuan fish
  • Glass noodle salad
  • Seafood manchow
  • Hot and sour soup
  • Kung pao prawns
  • Crispy duck
  • Cantonese lemon chicken
  1. British

Enjoying great food and drinks and relaxing in a British pub is something you can experience in Marsa Al Seef as well.

Al Seef is home to a number of British-inspired restaurants and pubs. Aside from enjoying a pint or two of your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink, an exhilarating game on large flat-screen TVs, and an excellent interior, you can indulge in these superb eats:

  • Reuben rolls
  • Seafood chowder
  • Fish and chips
  • Lamb chops
  • Steak and kidney pie
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Irish lamb stew
  • Curry

7.    American

Finally, there are several standalone and multi-cuisine restaurants in Al Seef that offer American dishes. If you’re looking for some American comfort food, you will have an exciting variety of selection to choose from here.

Whether you’re hankering for a burger, club sandwich, steak, some chicken wings and dippers, or apple pie, you will be able to satisfy your taste buds and rumbling tummy at one of the American restaurants in Al Seef.

If you’re currently residing in Dubai, having a holiday here, or setting up your business, head to Marsa Al Seef to unwind and enjoy the variety of multicultural cuisines on offer.


Habib Khan is a seasoned Hotelier, currently the CEO of Planet Hospitality and General Manager of Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa. Khan has more than 30 years of diversified international experience in the hospitality industry. He is an expert in developing, transforming, and managing hotels, with an ability to analyze and solve problems in a challenging work environment.